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A simple solution for your cashflow management

Invoice factoring according to your requests


4-8 weeks

approval process

  • Multiple contracts
  • Lengthy procedures
  • Extensive sureties required
  • Bank sets the price

Atadel Factoring

24 hours

approval process

  • Fund only what you what
  • Transparent fees
  • High credit limits
  • Quick access to working capital

Traditional Factoring

4-8 weeks

approval process

  • Must factor all your invoices
  • Reserve and volume requirements
  • Rebates distributed once a month
  • Must mail or fax original invoice
  • Log term lock in


Our invoice finance solutions give you an advance against your outstanding customer invoices.


Subscription Finance

If you earn on recurring payments with a set payment time (monthly or quarterly subscription), then this product is for you.

Good for business with:

  • Regular income from subscriptions
  • Minimum loan amount of EUR 10,000
  • Minimum amount of EUR 100,000 per annum

Invoice Discounting

You need cash and have invoices to your customers, sell your invoices on the Atadel Factoring platform.

Good for businesses with:

  • Ongoing cash flow needs
  • Large inventories
  • Seasonality
  • No time to manage their invoice receivables            

Invoice Factoring

You would like to get an advance on unpaid invoices, then Invoice Factoring is right for you.

Suitable for most industries, including:

  • Wholesale
  • Cargo transportation
  • IT and Mobile applications
  • Agriculture
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Municipal orders
  • Services
  • Copyright

Atadel's unique short-term financing

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Customer focus
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Receive funds

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